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 27th – 30th May 2013, Conference and Workshop, Cape Sounio, Athens (hosted by AF)


  1. Provide a cutting edge research training programme encompassing complementary approaches to the investigation of liver and pancreatic development and disease.
  2. Provide early stage researchers with a balanced mix of experience and skills in academic and industry based research.
  3. Give early stage researchers a set of transferrable skills which will improve their employment and career prospects.



  1. To provide a broad multi-disciplinary approach to liver and pancreatic development and disease that will ensure a solid foundation in research technology and methods.
  2. To offer a number of multi-centre and cross-sector projects.
  3. To organize regular meetings which will provide task -specific and complementary training in skills essential for career development.



  1. Involvement of highly successful research leaders and groups (with expertise in different disciplines including systems biology and bioinformatics, developmental biology, genomics, genetics and epigenetics, cell biology, engineering and drug development) in design and running of this programme will ensure the cutting edge research methodology and multidisciplinary approach to training.
  2. Each research project will involve minimum two partners.
  3. Partners will alternate in organizing network meetings which will include laboratory courses, single-topic conferences and network workshops.
  4. The experienced researchers recruited to the network will spend more time in the industrial setting and have more leadership training and responsibilities.


Management Structure:

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